Boutique Petits Pas promises a human service that takes into account road safety for children.

Since its creation in 2010, it has continued to grow, deepen its expertise in child road safety and promote good practices for car seats.

Their expertise in car seats by having taken training with the CAA Qc, the Canadian Association for the Safety of Child Passengers and their continuous training allow them to guide consumers in the right choice of seats adapted to the child according to vehicle selected.

They have also developed expertise in strollers and specific mobility needs for children.

In store, they advise the appropriate products to buy and car seat by offering to do outdoor tests, in vehicles or on their test bench inside, free of charge and without obligation to purchase.

They provide advice on several ranges of strollers carefully selected and tested according to expectations and needs. Like car seats, they offer to test strollers both indoors and outdoors on different terrain.

They make demonstrations and comparisons of different models and parts and they make sure to answer all questions.

Petits Pas can also take care of the preventive maintenance of strollers in their workshop.

Customer satisfaction is a priority. Many customers testify to this.

Trust Boutique Petits Pas for a hassle-free, safe, quality purchase, easy and fair return and a price guaranteed for up to 90 days.