Classic Strollers

Classic Strollers have the particularity of having the seat of the stroller (the seat of the child) fixed to the frame. You can add accessories or attach a car seat (or shell) to it.

The Classic Strollers is sometimes offered for sale in combo box under the name of "travel system". This type of stroller contains light and compact models and other larger ones with large storage baskets.

Convertible Strollers

Convertible or modular strollers are a type of carriage that can be detached (like a module) the seat of the stroller from the chassis (not to be confused with the car seat) and put it facing us (rear position) so that baby can watch us during the walk. In addition, you can completely remove this seat and replace it with a pram or a carrycot (portable baby bed) that attaches to the chassis or quite simply. Also, it can be replaced, quite simply, by a car (or car) seat that "clips" directly onto the frame of the stroller.

Some models also allow us to add a second seat to accommodate two children on the same stroller which could turn your stroller into a "double" tandem or side-by-side stroller. Several accessories are usually provided.

Double strollers: tandem and side-by-side

Tandem or side-by-side double strollers can accommodate two children. Unlike double side-by-sides, in the tandem configuration, one child sits behind the other.

There are many advantages with this type of stroller especially those in tandem mode. Some models can accommodate 2 child car seats in the front and rear. Tandem strollers will fit through most store doors and along narrow sidewalks.

Some tandem strollers have "plank or mini bench seats" that allow an older child to sit in the upper rear seat, giving them a better view of the world.

Compact Strollers and Umbrellas

Compact and umbrella strollers are small and lightweight strollers that take up little space when closed. There are few adjustments and options in the entry-level or basic models. In more luxurious models of compact strollers, you will be able to recline the backrest, adjust the height of the footrest, adjust the handles, and use sunshades if necessary.

Umbrella and compact strollers are ideal for transit and travel: For example, when boarding the plane, several models can be transported in the cabin as hand luggage. Keep in mind that the small wheels of some models may offer less comfort to the child than with another type of stroller.

All-Terrain Strollers & Trailers

Multi-Sport Cart Strollers are primarily lightweight multi-sport carts, trailers, jogger strollers that are designed for a variety of activities and more. They could be attached to a bike or simply transformed into Ski mode. Available in single and double versions. Designed to excel in cycling, jogging, and skiing.

A multisport cart trailer stroller converts from a bike trailer to a stroller or jogger with just couple of clicks to make your adventures even more enjoyable.

Because multisport trailers have several different coatings, they can adapt to all types of weather conditions while keeping your child comfortable.

Strollers' bike trailers promote fitness and healthy habits. With multi-sport trailer strollers, outdoor activities and exercise turn into a fun experience.

Sports strollers

Sport or jogging strollers have three large (pneumatic) wheels (16 or more). You can block the front wheel to prevent them from rotating while you run, for example. Elongated handle leaving plenty of leg room. Comfortable for the child, even at a good speed. Very wide and long.

The jogging stroller will help you get fit and stay healthy. It's a fantastic way to introduce a workout into your day.

Finally, if you like to go off-road or on bumpy trails, a jogging stroller will make the ride much more comfortable for you and your little one.

Travel Systems

A travel system is a stroller and an infant car seat that connects together. The car seat clips directly onto the stroller frame or simply by using compatible adapters.

This feature is handy. One of the benefits of the travel system is that once your child is comfortable in the car seat, you can keep them in the car seat and simply unclip them from their base and lay them on stroller. You don't have to worry about the extra time and hassle of bunching up a baby and getting them comfortable in the stroller after getting them out of a car seat.

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