How to choose the appropriate car seat for your child?

The safety of children depends on the choice of a seat adapted to its weight and size and on the mastery of its installation.

Take into account weight and size restrictions provided by the seat manufacturer and their ease of use. An easy-to-use seat is more likely to be well used and installed.

Before purchasing a seat, it is ALSO important to consult your vehicle's manual , consider the space available in the rear seat and check how to install the car seat in your vehicle.

The vehicles are not all equal and they have a lot of special features and you would be surprised by the so-called "family" or "minivan" cars which have INCOMPATIBILITIES with several seats!

RECOMMENDATION: make an appointment with us FREE OF CHARGE for a consultation and test several benches to ensure you make the right choice.

Guide d'achat sieges d'auto pour enfants


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